DU Battery Saver App Review: Knowing About Its New Features

Most Android users complain about the lack of satisfactory performance of their smart phones after a period of extended use. When asked about irks them the most relating to the unsatisfactory performance of their handsets, majority of them respond with issues related to battery life of the phones. It has been found that users are facing an increasing level of issue with the battery life of their smart phones.
Common discrepancies related with battery life issues that are observed are longer charging periods, low battery usage and increased rate of battery discharge. Users also claim that in spite of proper usage of the phones and charging care, their smart phones are only degrading over time. To counter this simple yet problematic situation, DU battery Saver has been rolled out by the DU group on Android platform. Users are merely required to install the application from the play store on their Android run smart phones and leave the rest to this amazing application.
DU battery saver application combines the authentic ability of identifying high battery consumption elements in smart phones and cleaning them by optimizing phone performance. As per the recent DU battery saver review, with a host of features and customizable app operations, the application is a must have for every Android smart phone.
Analytical Home screen
The welcome screen of the application displays vital information relating to the user’s device and its current battery status. A graphical view of the present battery status, charging time left and operating time remaining enables a user to comprehend and plan the usage of his phone. An ‘Optimize’ option enables the user to kill battery consuming applications so that battery consumption can be optimized. This screen also reveals the temperature of the CPU, voltage and battery type of the device.
DU-Battery-SaverDownload-DU-Battery-Saver-Android-AppBattery Details
The interface on the home screen enables a user to navigate to battery details screen. This screen gives a synopsis of battery consumption by different phone features measured in terms of hours and minutes. Thus, a user can gain an understanding of the phone features that are consuming battery of the handset.
battery-detailsSaver option
The saver feature of the DU battery saver application gives the option of two different modes to the users. It allows a user to select how he wishes to keep the operation of calls, messages and network working on his handset. The smart mode available in the PRO version can be used to access certain advanced features such as Phone cooler, Screen lock auto clear and more.
This app introduces its most advanced and clever feature with this charge option. Under this option, a user gets a graphical view of the current status of battery charging and percentage of battery remaining. It also gives an option to the user to choose three charging modes which are fast charge, full charge and trickle charge. These charging modes are described as a step by step way of charging the phone. These three modes work by modulating the flow of current at various stages of charging to optimize the charging process and give a complete and healthy charge to the phone. Besides this, a calendar option on the same screen helps the user to keep track of the days on which he charges his phone under the different modes.
DU battery saver reviews have been found to be encouragingly positive owing to its simplicity of use and user friendly interface. Adding to the ease of use is the monitor option in the application that gives a precise display of phone features running on the user’s device and consecutively consuming battery of the device. The feature also enables the user to stop any particular application that might be running on the phone so that battery consumption can be limited. Users can make an informed decision about removing unnecessary applications that might be consuming excessive battery.
Profile view
It enables a user to keep complete track of his usage of the application. For this, a user is allowed to access a profile view option wherein he can see his device information, notifications from the application in the form of messages, DU coins earned and access certain DU features like DU swipe and app lock. The feature also displays user achievements on this screen. These achievements are in the form of healthy charge, smart features unlocked and battery skins collected. These achievements are designed to enhance user experience of the application.
User Extensive Settings
DU battery saver gives its users an extensive settings feature. From privacy settings to reminders, this settings feature is equipped to ensure that user can gain maximum benefit from this application. It gives the option of notification settings, which a user can enable to avoid unnecessary notifications from various apps. It allows a user to choose how the application will operate in the background as well as helps maintain the behavior of other apps.
Final Say
This application has multiple benefits for users. The reviews by users who are currently using the application suggest that they have benefited highly by installing the application on their smart phones. DU batter saver review also encourages users who are still bereft of this wonderful application to install and use the application on their smart phones. At present, more than 15 million people are using this application worldwide. This staggering number of users itself is suggestive of the utility of the application.
The free version of the application is designed to boost up to 50% battery of an Android phone while the PRO version claims to enhance it by 70%. The host of features on the application are designed with simplicity and utility in mind so that user can operate the application in a convenient manner. The application is available for download on Android operating systems through the Google play store. The application is an effort of DU Group, which has also brought out several other applications for Android phones.
Here is a short video of DU Battery Saver App Review. It shows how DU Battery Saver App works.


  1. This Battery saver rally helps me to sustain the performance of my Android Mobile Phone. It not only provide the full control over apps usage but as well as it provides help to sustain the performance standards of smartphone.


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