Disable Autoplay Feature, Notification Balloons in Windows XP

The “Autoplay” feature of the audio CD or DVDs and USB drives can annoy us to a great extent. Suppose,you’re in a hurry to open an important document from your CD/DVD or USB drive. You insert it to your computer and it starts the autoplay feature automatically. At this point, you might be frustrated for the long waiting time. It would be better if you disable autoplay feature in your Windows operating system (Windows XP, Windows 7 etc.). Apart from the waiting time, the autoplay feature can help infecting your system with virus from the removable devices.
Another annoying feature of Windows XP is the notification balloon which do not have any punctual functionality in reality. Hence, to solve both these problems we will discuss about how to disable Autoplay feature for CD/DVDs and USB drives as well as the notification balloons in Windows XP.
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How to Disable Autoplay Feature in Windows Operating System

The first and foremost step that needs to be performed to disable the autoplay feature is to open the Run command box (press Win key+R) and type “gpedit.msc (without quotes) and hit the ‘Enter’ key.

The ‘Group Policy Editor’ window appears. Navigate to the following path from the left pane.
Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System

Now look at the right-pane and look for the item ‘Turn off Autoplay’ from the list. Once you find it, double-click on it. This will open a new window named as ‘Turn off Autoplay Properties’. Set the radio button to ‘Enabled’ and change the ‘Turn off Autoplay on’ value to ‘All Drives’ from the drop-down menu.

You are done! You are now safe from the irritating Autoplay feature of CD/DVDs and USB drives.

How to Disable Notification Balloons in Windows XP

If you are a Windows XP user then you must have come across with popups of some notification balloons. These popup balloons do nothing but try to enrich your knowledge about something which you already know. This is irritating and you would like to stop these popups of the notification balloons. Here is what you should do to disable the notification balloons. This process will disable all notification balloons so it is advised to proceed after giving a cautious thought about it.

How to Turn off Notification Balloons Permanently

The initial job that needs to be done is to open the registry editor at your computer. Open the Run command box and type “regedit” (without the double quotes) and then click on the ‘OK’ button.

The completion of the above step leads to opening of a new window named as ‘Registry Editor’. Having opened the window, navigate the the following path from the left sidebar.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Explorer > Advanced

Once you reach your destination after traversing through the above path, just go to the right-pane of the window and right-click on any empty space. Select New > DWORD Value from the context menu.

You should see a new item as ‘New Value #1’ has been created. Change the name of this new item to ‘EnableBalloonTips’.

After renaming the new item, double-click on it and set the ‘Value Data Field’ to 0 (zero) and make sure that the selected base is ‘Hexadecimal’. Click the ‘OK’ button.

Check whether all operations have been performed perfectly and finally restart your system and then enjoy your fresh computer which free of any type of notification balloon. If you want to remove this registry hack, just delete the registry key that you created.
Did your disable autoplay feature or turn off the balloon notification at your computer? – Do share with us.


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