How To Delete Browser Cookies From Your Computer

Browser cookies are basically a type of small information of websites which are stored into the hard disk of your computer. It is a small text file which contains the information about you. It is totally harmless but keeps record of your movements and personal information that you provide through the web browsers. When you open any web page, the browser stores the information about the page. At the next time (even after turn off ) when you try to visit that page the stored cookies help to access that page more efficiently. Actually, cookies provide a comfortable path to access your important (most visited ) web pages.
Some websites also allow other websites (for instance, advertising partners) to put cookies (called as third-party cookies) at your computer so that they can track your choices, interests etc. In general, we can say that browser cookie is a record book of your performance which you perform in a particular browser. Different browsers have their different cookie files.

How To Delete Browser’s Cookies From Computer

If you don’t want to be tracked by the advertising companies or you don’t want to keep any record of your visited web pages, you can always clear the cookies from your browser. Here is how to delete cookies from different browsers.

Delete cookies from Mozilla Firefox

Go to Tools > Options from the Firefox menu.
Tools in Firefox menu
Head to the Privacy tab in Options window.
firefox privacy option
Here, you can set various privacy options for your Firefox browser. To delete only the cookies, click on the remove individual cookies link at the Privacy window. This will open the Cookies dialog box.
firefox cookies dialog box
Press the Remove All Cookies button to delete all the cookies from Firefox. Or, select the cookies from the list and press the remove Cookies button to delete them individually.

Delete cookies from Google Chrome

Click the Google chrome menu icon and select Tools > Clear browsing data.
clear browsing data sub-menu in chrome
This will open the settings page in a new tab with clear browsing data option page. Here, select the time-frame that you want to delete and make sure to check the option Delete Cookies and Other Site and Plug-In Data. Also, check or uncheck other options as you desire.
delete browser cookies in chrome
Finally, click the Clear browsing data button.
Alternatively, paste chrome://settings/clearBrowserData at the chrome address bar and hit enter to reach the above window directly.

Delete cookies from Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer and click the settings icon from the top-right corner of the browser and select Internet options sub-menu.
intenet options in IE
This opens the Internet options window. In the General tab, click the Delete button under Browsing history section.
browsing history section
A ‘Delete Browsing History’ dialog window pops up. Tick the option Cookies and website data. Also tick or untick other options as you desire.
delete browser cookies in Internet Explorer
Click the Delete button and all the cookies and other selected data will be deleted from Internet explorer.

Delete cookies from Safari 4 and Safari 5

Open Safari and click the gear icon from the right-top corner of the browser.
safari browser settings icon
Now, select Reset Safari from the menu.
reset safari
Check the option Remove all website data. Also check your desired options as well.
delete browser cookies from safari
Click the Reset button and the browser cookies will be deleted from Safari.

Delete cookies from Opera

Open the settings window from the Opera menu. ( Alternatively, press Alt + P as shortcut to open the Opera settings page.)
opera menu
Now, select Privacy & Security option from the left sidebar of the settings page.
opera privacy and security
Click the Clear browsing data button.
clear browser cookies in opera
In the Clear browsing data window, select the time-frame that you want to delete. Check the Delete cookies and other sites data option. Also make sure to check or uncheck other options as you desire.
opera clear browsing data window
Finally, click the Clear browsing data button and the cookies and other selected data will be deleted.
Alternatively, paste opera://settings/clearBrowserData at the Opera address bar and hit enter to reach the page directly where you can delete the browser cookies.


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