Create Wireless Network Without Router in Windows 7 or Windows Vista

Well, to say the least nowadays, most of you have an internet connection in your home . Going to the café for accessibility to the web world is almost a seldom an option to opt for. But what if you want to share your internet accessibility options with other notebooks or desktops in your room with all your friends?? Leave apart internet. What if you want to share your files and folders with your friend without having a USB hard disk device handy?? Your answer might lead to a wireless router. But what if you do not have a wireless router too? Here comes the requirement, the genuine need of a wireless network created at home.
We here at help you overcome this loophole with wireless connectivity among computers in your home. Nowadays most Laptops or desktops are equipped  with a Wi-Fi device. The key to the solution lies here only. We will guide you through various process to make a wireless network without Router and a Router-less connectivity among different computers with Windows 7 and Vista.
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All you need is :

  • A Wi-Fi device or a wireless network card in each of  the computers to be connected to a network.
  • For desktops you might use a PCI Network card or a USB wireless Network card.

A PCI Wireless Network Card:
Wireless Network Card
A USB Wireless Network Card:
USB Wireless Network Card
For Notebooks or Laptops the Wireless PC-Card might look like:
Wireless PC-Card
Once you are set with all these, follow the guidelines below to enable yourself  as a maestro of wireless connectivity in Vista. Let us show you how:

How to Create Wireless Network without Router windows 7

Step 1. In the Control Panel, click on “Network and Sharing center”.  Select “Set up a connection or Network”.
Create Wireless Network
Step 2. Choose “Set up a wireless ad-hoc(computer-to-computer) network” and click on it.
Setup Wireless Ad-Hoc Network
Setup Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Finish
Step 3. Now is the time to provide a name to your Network. Always Remember to  make the security type “WPA-2 Personal”. Notify that this security type prevails over other types since it enables genuine wireless network security. Give your preferred network name > Select “WPA-2 Personal” security type from the drop down box > Put the security key.
Wireless Ad-Hoc Network Security Key
You security key must be 8-64 character. You can use 0-09 in the security key. Remember that the key is case sensitive. Now click on “Next”. In the upcoming window click on “Turn on Internet connection sharing”.
Windows 7 turn on Internet Sharing
Step 4. You can also chose your network type as “WEP”. Give a preferred network name and chose the “Security type” as “WEP”. The next step deals with providing a security key to the network to be built.
Remember that in “WEP” the security key should be 5 or 13 alpha-numeric character. If you wish to use this network again in future, save this network name and hit the  “Next” button. Your Network has been created.
Step 5. Similarly open this network from other home computers opted to join this network. Click to join the ad-hoc network and enjoy massive wireless connectivity without the presence of a router.
Let me know if you are having any problem during sharing your internet connection.


  1. I did everything as requested. However, my ipod touch still won’t join the network despite the fact that i have the right password

  2. Hey i fallowed all the steps but, i did not get the last screen as shown, there was no option like Turn On Internet Sharing
    Please help me

  3. Hey i fallowed all the steps but, i did not get the last screen as shown, there was no option like Turn On Internet Sharing
    Please help me

  4. How many networking situations can you go to how many of individuals group meetings develop into company for you personally what can you because of feel free build your businesshome networks

  5. first I pressed: Set up a connection or Network and then I pressed: Set up a wireless ad-hoc(computer-to-computer) network and shared the internet , then I did disable the network but when I did try again the button for Set up a wireless ad-hoc(computer-to-computer) network was’nt there anymore

  6. It didn’t work with my Galaxy Y phone nor my Kindle. I had to install one of those “virtual routers” for windows 7 and then could share internet on my portable devices.
    I think most portable devices don’t support ad hoc wireless connection (as my Kindles’s reported when tried to connect) and that’s why they’d made such programs to emmulate a router.
    It does not work with most portable devices, it may work for example with a PSP (which supports peer to peer wi fi connection), so you have to download a program to get it working.

  7. hey , i followed all the instruction given in this site , user are connecting but there is “no internet access” is showing me please

  8. Hi! As I follow your steps and when I click “Turn on internet sharing” option I get a message as follows: “You don’t have enough privileges to turn on Internet sharing”. But I am working with the administrator user account. Why is it happening like this.

  9. Paano ko po maaayos yung facebook kung na block??? pa help nman po !!! Please
    Translated version: How can I fix my Facebook if block??? help po !!! Please

  10. Awesome tutorial! However, I don’t like to use command prompt! It is not easy for me. I will use creator program to build WiFi hotspot in Windows 7.


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