How to Create and Publish free eBook Online from Google Drive & Dropbox

Each and every one of us wishes to have a book of our own someday. It is undoubtedly the most fruitful way to get your message across and that too as a professional writer. Publishing eBooks is not as complicated as we make it to be. With a software platform like Liberio for eBooks, you can definitely make up a good eBook in no time. You can create and publish an eBook right from your ‘Google drive’ and could even be made ready to every online book store – iBooks, Amazon and Google Play. It’s that simple.
Yes, we have all associated book writing as a very sophisticated and difficult task, but the matter of the fact is that with the right tool, you can make your book writing dream a reality.
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Liberio eBook Publishing Software

How to Create an eBook from Google Drive with Liberio

The key to the tool is that it is an eBook publishing platform right from Google drive- so the first and foremost thing for this is the seamlessness with which it integrates.  For example, the way the tool takes in real time proof reading that is present in the Google drive to make editing very easy.
You can choose any file to upload onto your Google drive and you can practically convert it into an organized e-Book.
create ebook with Google Drive & Liberio
Now, in case you are not too happy with the proof reading that is done by Google drive, you can just link with up with a person from your account and grant them access to your files so that they can add or edit it.
Features of Liberio
Now, the tool has plenty of additional features that help you during finalization. For example, you can choose almost all spoken languages to get your book in. You can also apply for a copyright on your e-book in the settings tab. Plus, you can always add content and add it into your account as a document and use it whenever you want – this is a service on Google drive. This ensures you have all the ideas you collect along the way are stored right.
So, even when you are on the go, you can just edit it with the Google drive mobile application – so editing is never an issue. This is one of the easy features of the application. Also, you can highlight your work to specific target audiences so that you can share and ensure that the work you have done is available to everyone on all reading platforms.
features of Liberio
The tool is still in its BETA form and there are further changes coming through. There would a theme editor, layout designs, and ability to embed links, photos and so on. It is the perfect tool to use if you have been longing to take the plunge and get your eBook ready. So, what are you waiting for? Do not curb the writer within you? Express your thoughts through your writing and reach out to the online world through Liberio eBook publishing software. Trust me, it was never this easy before, especially with the one-click publishing feature of Liberio!
Update: Now the BETA mode of ‘Liberio’ is over and it becomes a great platform to publish free e-books. ‘Liberio’ has a support of Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, Github like popular free cloud storage and one can also upload any files directly to ‘Liberio’ and publish it as a e-book. One can directly paste a link to ‘Liberio’ to create any e-book.
You can refer further details of this eBook software platform at: Official website of Liberio.
It is the best free platform to publish books online. You will be benefited to sharing of your published book on facebook, email etc. direct from the ‘Liberio’ dashboard right after publishing any book.



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