Create Multiboot USB Drive to Install Windows 7 XP From Same USB Drive

Earlier, we have covered some tutorials – 1. How to Install Windows XP from USB Drive, 2. Alternative Way to Install XP from USB Stick, 3. How to Install Windows 7 From USB Drive. All of those procedures work fine and the readers feedback was positive. But there were some drawbacks with those procedures:

  1. The previous methods of creating the bootable USB drive for Windows XP involve numbers of steps and take a lot of time to complete.
  2. You’ve to use the similar Operating System to prepare the USB disk i.e if you want to prepare your bootable USB drive for Windows XP, you’ll have to use Windows XP operating system in order to apply the preparation method. The similar condition is applicable when preparing the bootable USB drive for Windows 7.
  3. Those methods do not have any option to prepare the bootable stick in such a way that it would install both Windows XP and Windows 7 after spending one time effort.

But we’ve found an awesome free utility WinSetupFromUSB which comes acrossΒ  drawbacks and allows you to create a Multiboot USB drive to install Windows XP and Windows 7 from the same USB drive. No need to prepare your USB stick separately. Even the tool works in both Windows XP and Windows 7.

How to Create Multiboot USB Drive for Windows 7 and XP

Creating the multiboot USB drive is so easy and involves four simple steps. Before getting into the process, make sure that the USB drive that you do have, is minimum 4 GB of volume (recommended 8 GB) and formatted with FAT32 file system. Once you are ready, download WinSetupFromUSB and extract at any location of your computer.

Now, follow the steps below.

  1. Insert the formatted USB drive in the USB post of your computer and run the WinSetupFromUSB_1-0-beta7.exe.
  2. Make sure that the utility has detected your USB drive.
  3. Now, enable the option Windows 2000/XP/2003 Setup selecting the check box and browse to the Windows XP installation file location. Next, enable the option Vista/7/Server 2008 Setup/PE/RecoveryISO and browse to the Windows 7 installation files’ location. In both cases, if you have the ISO images, extract them by WinRar or 7-Zip.
  4. Click the Go button to get started. Wait for some time and your multi-boot USB stick will ready within a while. It may take several minutes.

Though we have discussed the procedure for only Windows XP and Windows 7, you can also add Windows Vista as well as Linux in the same removable drive and use it to install your preferred operating system at your PC.


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  2. Its not working for windows xp, i have tried multiple times but i was not able to install windows xp. please provide the correct precedure to format with windows xp.
    Hope i can get the reply soon.

  3. its not working..
    i m getting autolt error:
    subscript used with non array variable..
    error line 7504..
    can u please c to it that whats wrong?

  4. Little Confusion
    for example, i insert XP CD in CD ROM & then i need to select CD Path? or i need to Create Image of Win XP by Some CD Burning tool ?, i m not getting it- kindly xplain lil more!

  5. Hi
    Just tried so much tutorial ect to make a simple usb stick boot with win xp setup inside Every time i got to the installer fine just it doesn’t detect my Hard Drives. (tried on several computer)
    If anyone have idea on it.

  6. I follow the multi boot method but in winsetupfromusb software i choose only sp2 not win7, i have 4 gb pendrive, my usb was successfuly bootable with sp2 xp, everything was very well but in installing windows phase , there some errors ,incorect parameter,conent missing etc etc, so wt i do knw pls help me pls , nw my pc nt starting just blue screen loading and 39 min remaning , pls help me

  7. pls i like this blog but can you send me how to use flash drive to format computer and load windows XP,7,Vista to my email box at or call me on +2347061231545 from outside nigeria but if nigeria 07061231545 thanks.

  8. Hell_o
    Tanmay Sir,
    Thank You For Posting This Really Needy Software..; )
    I’ve Been Installed Windows Vista & 7 By Usb Stick So Far By Myself Without Ne Third Party :P,
    But Was Unable To Install XP πŸ™ [Everytime I Plug-in & Boot , I got A Error, It Says:
    Remove the Device
    Press ctrl+alt+dlt to Restart the system]
    But As U Posted This Article, Now I Can Boot XP Too [ Not Only Xp, But Also Ubuntu, Linux, UBCD, & bart PE πŸ™‚
    Thanks A Load Man ; )
    Keep It Up!!
    Live Curious πŸ˜‰

    • Did you make sure that your installation disk has no corrupted files? Try installation disk with no corrupted files. Hope it works.

    • It’s very easy, go on bios boot menu, on hard disk boot select your USB name, press ‘Save & exit’ to restart your PC, then select your Windows and press enter.

  9. This is awesome and works very well. I was looking for something like this for a long time since Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool will not work with XP. But this works with all of them. Thanks.

  10. It’s fantastic…it’s working fine with me…very useful, no need to bring cd, very useful for netbook, thanks a lot more power…

  11. cosig cria um pendrive com os sistemas windows 7 xp e linux valeu mesmo
    The translated version is “I create a USB stick with Windows 7 xp and linux worth it”

  12. grubinst.exe could not find a Master Boot Record and partition table on the selected disk disk #1
    getting this error…..
    help me

  13. find –set-root –ignore-cd /usbdrive.tag
    This line can be deleted from the file menu.lst in the root directory because it gived me error that the file cannot be located…
    Error 15
    ls/ usbdrive.tag file not found

  14. Thankssssss U very much……… Giving this soft ware.
    it is good one but it is a running very slowly mins normally
    i want fast instillation.
    i ask q please do this soft ware fast and Multiboot plz see me my request

  15. this work grate, thank you for the advize. also works with USB passport portable drive. just set the usb drive to first Boot and just follow the instructions installations

  16. i created multiboot usb but when i was installing windows xp there were two parts. When i was installing windows 7 it’s not possible to instal after restarting windows it again starts with loading files & instal now screen what to do how to install windows 7 please help me thank u

  17. Nagaraj about the first problem just use part one. Part two is if the setup doesn’t load the local partition where the installation of XP takes place.
    About the second problem just choose the local HDD on which you are installing as boot device from BIOS. You’ve made the USB HDD to be boot device.
    It is better to use the Boot Manager (F8 on ASUS F9 on newer HP F12 on Toshiba, F11 on Acer etc…) only when choosing what to install and not doing it in BIOS because you need to change the boot device to local disk drive after loading the setup files and restarting.

  18. great tutorial… i apply the procedure and all works fine… i add ubuntu and linux distro. i have now installed 4 windows system C in Windows XP D in Windows 7 E in Ubuntu and F in Linux. i have 8GB Flash Drive and I Used It Now As My Universal Operating System Setup. and lastly i modified also the menu list which is now looks good. πŸ™‚
    regards to the creator of this tutorial.

  19. But My Boot Sequence In My Bios, NO USB? Only HDD, Floppy & CD-ROM. It Will Work My USB To Boot? Anyone Help? It’s Very Old Loptop… Hehe… My Rom Is Dead. My Floppy Is Dead. Damn!! I’m Dead!!! PLS Healp!!! =)

  20. Jon most probably your notebook doesn’t support boot from USB so you are f*cked up… πŸ˜‰
    OR you can try booting from hdd and see if it boots from USB. Some bios recognize USB as HDD. Even if you manage to boot usb most probably it will be very slow…

  21. Yeah Momchil is right. Even if you can get it to boot from USB and install the OS it’s going to be unbearably slow. Dual core is pretty much the minimum requirement nowadays. Best to scrap that thing. Besides computers are really cheap now. You can get a decent one for around $200 or $300.

  22. Oh my God Vince and Momchil, do you think that Jon has the first ever laptop created? Even on the oldest computer that supports XP, the installation shouldn’t take more than an hour (a couple of hours tops)… which is not *that* bad if it’s the only thing you got. Anyway, I know that you said your CD-ROM is dead Jon, but this may help others that can’t boot from USB (not supported in BIOS). Just download “PLoP Boot Manager”, burn it on a CD – ‘coz it also has a “live” version (or install it if it’s your own PC) and than you can pretty much boot from everything (Network, USB, Other Partitions, etc).

  23. Dear it’s not working. it displaying an error
    “couldn’t install grub4dos.MBR”. Can you help me to resolve this error message.

  24. Dear sir
    please suggest how to make bootable winxp/sp3and other softwares acrobate, office ,java ect . how to add softwares in winxp/sp3 bootable pendrive.

  25. @Naren: You are at the right place. This article describes everything on creating booting USB device for both Windows 7 and Vista. Sorry for the late reply.

  26. @Tanmay – All went well until a few seconds after pressing GO. The process aborted with the following message . I used the bootable iso for Win XP SP3 (which has worked well off disc). Please advise what I should do to complete the process. Many thanks indeed.

  27. @Tanmay : the error message was deleted in my previous post inexplicably! Here it is – unable to install grub4dos MBR!. Thanks for your help.

  28. good evening sir..
    IM making a bootable usb drive for win xp using the xp iso file and,, I extracted the xp iso file in my computer and choose the folder where i extracted the xp iso file AND I USED XPSP3 ISO FILE but….
    I encounter this error….”file TXTSETUP.SIF COULD NOT BE FOUND”

  29. Good Morning Sir!!
    I encounter a problem in creating a bootable winxp sp3..
    I downloaded the windows xp iso file and extracted it..
    after that..i follow steps 2 and 3 but i Encounter an error..
    “File TXTSETUP.SIF could not be found
    RETRY to select another source or CANCEL to return to the main menu”
    could you help me with this..
    my host machine is Xp Sp3 dark edition

  30. I read elsewhere that the USB flashdrive should be first formatted in NTFS.
    I really wonder as to why its such an advantage to have both XP & Win7 on one USB drive, USB drives are now cheap & surely 2 OSs is just silly.
    Also it's recommended elsewhere to first remove some restrictions on the downloaded iso by using a SW removal tool (I'm sure you know about this); so does this approach work on a modified ISO?
    Finally I have raed that saving to DVD is better than to USB flashdrive because the speed of data transfer is much improved. Personally I prefer USB drives to writable DVDs & a small speed difference would not trouble me – but its worth asking?

  31. I am Getting “STOP 0x0000007B Blue Screen Error” while Installing XP, when Setup starting Windows. Please tell me a Solution for this problem.

  32. Works like a charm! This is the best software! Every one who is getting errors because of their antivirus. Please disable your antivirus protection while doing this procedure. Works great! I installed both Win XP and Windows 7. It takes 15 minutes to install windows 7. WOW!! Thanks To This Blog. Thank you very much.

  33. Works like a charm! This is the best software! Every one who is getting errors because of their antivirus. Please disable your antivirus protection while doing this procedure. Works great! I installed both Win XP and Windows 7. It takes 15 minutes to install windows 7. WOW!! Thanks To This Blog. Thank you very much

  34. I created successfully USB MultiBoot with 2 OS:
    Win7SP1 AIO (32bit & 64bit)
    Win8 AIO (32bit & 64bit)
    USB 16GB 3.0 and used 9GB, can save Your Data.
    I prepare create USB Multiboot πŸ˜€
    XP SP3
    Win7 AIO
    Win8 AIO
    Server 2008 R2
    Server 2012

  35. i tried many method use to format hp laptop by using pendrive or usb card with setup but my system is nor formatting now . plz help me , i am waiting for u rpl .


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