Calltag: An App to Send SMS to Contact Before Dialing

Have you encountered a situation where you are trying to call someone for business purpose and the person didn’t answer your call because of not having your phone number stored? Similarly, I have faced a situation wherein my phone’s battery died and I tried calling my wife urgently using a colleague’s phone. Only to have the call unanswered as my wife was busy in something and didn’t feel it necessary to pick up call from an unknown number. There are plenty of such circumstances that arise in our lives, where our calls go unanswered because either the receiver doesn’t know who is calling or doesn’t know the purpose of call.
This is where some mobile application developers have tried to solve the problem by coming up with a simple and innovative app called “Calltag” that informs the call receiver with a SMS before actually making the call. If you really know the receiver or if your purpose of calling is important to the receiver, he / she will definitely pick up the call. In short, if you want to avoid getting your call screened (rejected or unanswered), you can use Calltag app to notify the receiver beforehand about the purpose of your call and also who is calling. Thus, it is safe to say that if Caller-Id was a boon to call receivers, Calltag is a boon to callers.

How Does the Calltag App Work?

This app functions like a third-party dialer for your smartphone (Android or iOS). Just before making the call, you can send information (known as calltags) in the form of your name and call purpose via SMS or iMessage to the intended call recipient. This increases the chances of your call getting picked up. Even if the recipient misses your call, you need not have to bother sending voice email or a separate SMS. All details about the missed call would be sent to the recipient’s message inbox.
After you download the Calltag application on your smartphone to use it, you need to enter basic information like your name and place to get started.
Calltag First Step
Calltag Name and Place
Next you will be asked “Who do you want to call?” and you either type in a mobile number or choose an existing contact from your phone-book.
Calltag Receiver Number
As soon as this done, you can now frame your custom text message using tags like #MeetingCancelled, #TicketsBooked, #WeekendPlan, #Business, etc. Objective is to keep the message short and simple for the recipient.
Enter Calltags
Calltag SMS or iMessage
Then, you simply have to press the “Swipe to Calltag” button and the app will show this SMS / iMessage and send it to the callee. By default, a call is made 10 seconds after the SMS is sent. This default duration can be easily changed from the App Settings.
Calltag Settings
Thus, the app works like a charm and you would not face any difficulty while using this. It is that simple!

Advantages of Calltag app

It is useful for you if your smartphone battery dies pretty often and you make use of others’ phones for urgent calls. Also, it is useful for organizations or businesses that need to call unknown people to reach out to them and offer good proposals. If you want to quickly discuss on a particular topic with a friend or a relative, this app shall help you do that. You no longer have to wait endlessly for the voice mail of your call receiver to leave a message.
As a receiver, it helps you to avoid missing important calls from unknown numbers. It assists you in differentiating a credit card selling call from a serious business phone call.

From Where Can We Download Calltag App for Smartphones

Free download of Calltag app is available for Android and iOS users. Android smartphone users can install the same from Google Playstore at: Install Calltag app for Android. On the other hand, iOS smartphone users can download this app from iTunes at: Install Calltag app from iTunes store. Alternatively, one can download this app from its official website.
I loved this app because of its simplicity and effectiveness. It definitely solves a small problem faced by many in daily life. Please feel free to share your opinion about this app.


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