Change Your Blog Search as Default Google Chrome Search Engine

If you want to make your blog/website successful, the first thing you need to ponder upon is the accessibility of your website/blog. It has to be user-friendly and easily navigable to get a substantial number of visitors. Having a search box is one of the numerous ways to make your website easily accessible and navigable. Visitors who don’t know much about the website navigation can use the search box to land on their desired page.
It is very easy to add the search box in a website but do you know that you can very easily change your own website search box into the default Google Chrome search engine? The default search engine in the browser Chrome is Google but you can change it from the Google Chrome Settings Option. All you need to do is to change the browser URL in the settings options.
Have you ever tried have you ever tried turning your own site search into the Google Chrome default search engine?

I guess you know that Chrome is the default browser of Google but you can change in on your preference from the Google Chrome Settings menu.
So if you have decided to change your site search from Google’s default search engine but don’t know how to do that, look on the steps below:
1. There is a Wrench menu on the top right corner of your Google home page, go there and click on ‘Settings’. You will then land to the URL chrome://chrome/settings/.
2. Click on ‘Basics’ and then on Search. You will see a tab ‘Manage Search Engines’ where you can manage the search engines. You can select the search engine from the given options or can add your desired search engine in the black tab given on the extreme bottom of the page.
This blank tab looks like this:

3. In the first column you need to add the search engine you want to set as default search engine. Here we are talking about adding your own blog as the default search engine, so add your domain name here. I type ‘Tech Tips Geek’ here.
4. In the second column add the keyword. I type ‘’ here.
5. In the third column you have to add the query URL of your blog which may look like this, ‘http://www
6. After completing these three columns you will notice that your search engine is added in the list of other search engines. If you have done any mistake in adding it, you can still edit it.

7. Now take your mouse over the name of the search engine newly added and click on ‘Make Default’.
You are done; your search engine is not set as the default search engine for your browser Google Chrome. Tell me how simple was that!! You can switch back to the Google search engine in similar way.

How it will help you

You have set your blog as the default search engine and now when anyone will type their own search terms in the Google bar; it will display your blog pages first in the search engine page.
This can actually help you if you set your blog search engine as default engine in any public computer. Go and replace the default search engine with your own blog search in a cyber cafe. Most of the people coming in the cafe might not be aware of this settings and this may certainly help you in bringing more visitors in your blog.
This might sound a bit evil but is a great tip, I have tried it and trust me friends it works at least until the cyber cafe owner changes it back to Google.


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