Best Android Apps and Tricks to Manage Contacts

The most common way to get your contacts into a new Android phone is synchronizing it with the Facebook and Gmail accounts. Despite the fact is it lets you get all the contacts in your device without typing them manually, it sometime leads you to encounter enormous problems. You can see that many unnecessary email addresses took places there in your contact list. You might want to get rid of such email IDs or contact information. Here are some nifty tricks and handy Android apps to strive with your endless contact list in Android phones.

Best Apps to Manage Android Contacts Effortlessly

We’ve listed some free and useful Android apps out of the box to manage your cluttered contact lists in your Android device.

1. Contacts Optimizer:

This app works good for deleting the duplicated contacts. The performance of this app is quite fast having a neat and clean UI with various options. It can handle contacts from different sources including SIM card, Phone memory, Google plus account etc. Followings are some interesting features of Contact optimizer.

  • Duplicate contact eraser
  • Delete contacts in bulk
  • Move contacts to other sources without making duplicate entry
  • Detect invalid numbers
  • Digitize vanity numbers, e.g 1-800-63-GATOR

Though the app is free and you can download and install it from Google play without paying anything, the app makers made some features available only for the pro version.
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2. Contact +:

This app is being popular day-by-day. It is featured with Google Contact Preview and the latest stock Contact app as well. The Contact + app is available for Android 2.3 or higher versions. The size of the app varies for device-to-device. Another interesting feature of this app is that it shows the duplicate contacts right-after you finish the setup process. Here are what you can do with Contact +.

  • Search and merge/delete duplicate contacts
  • Filter contacts according to their sources
  • Social site integration and clutter free contact management
  • Manage contacts on Android wear
  • Priority based contact filtering
  • Blocking calls and SMS

Contact+ comes with some different flavors too. If you want to display the most used contacts on your home or lock screen, you can download Contact + widget for Android. This useful app is also available for iOS. The iOS users can download Contact + from here.

3. Truedialer – Dialer and Phone:

Though the suggest that it is a dialer app, you can use it to manage your contact list and find wipe out contacts. Truedialer is a free application for atleast Android 4.0 and up to the latest version. The main feature of Truedialer is that it helps you identify the fake callers. It gathers all information of the persons who often call from the same number. The others features are,

  • Block unwanted calls
  • Report fake calls and let other users know about them
  • Merge duplicate numbers or name in the contact list

4. Contakts Address Book:

It is designed beautifully to manage contacts in Android phones with Android version 4.0 or later. Contakts Address Book app mainly deals with Google plus contacts, however, you can also get all contacts but it will muddle your screen. This app has the ability to filter saved contacts based on the nature of them e.g favorite, recently connected or frequently used.
Another useful feature of this contact app is that it lets you import Facebook contacts without messing up the list. The only problem you may face when using this app is the advertisements. Though you can upgrade it from the free edition for $1 only to get rid of the advertisements.

5. Simpler Contacts & Dialer:

This simple contact management app is also available only for Android 4.0 and the later versions. Simpler Contacts & Dialer app is quite popular for its useful features and attracting appearance. It has been downloaded more than about hundred thousand times. Here are the main features:

  • It can Merge duplicate contacts
  • Priority based contact display
  • Ability to filter contacts and toggle with show/hide feature
  • It displays frequently used contacts
  • You can backup contacts and send them to anybody via email
  • Filters the contacts which do not have email/phone number/name and delete them. It is useful if you have a huge Google plus contacts
  • Changeable themes.

Note: Not all feature are available in the free version. It costs $2.99 to enjoy all the features including the themes.

Best Tricks to Cope With Contacts in Android

Though the above apps let you manage your Android contacts effortlessly, here are couple of tricks to manage your contact lists.

Hide Useless Contacts Based on Their Source

The most convenience way to get rid of long contact list would be wiping the unnecessary numbers out from the list according to their sources. Mainly, the ‘source’ represents SIM card, Email Id, Google plus or WhatsApp.
It is possible to hide any contact based on their sources in Android phone without using any third-party app. You can do it right from the Stock Contact app. Just follow the steps below.
Go to your default contact app and tap the menu option. Now select “Contacts to display” (select More > Display options > Display contacts by in older versions of Android).
Now, you can select the sources from which you want to display the contacts.
For example, if you want to display only the numbers from your Google plus account then select Google+. Similarly, you can select other sources from the list.

Wipe Out Duplicate Contacts Using Google Contacts

Who don’t have more than one email id? Huh! We all have different email addresses for our personal and professional life. And the most common issue is the duplicate contacts. If you are using more than one email address on your Android device, no doubt all the email addresses will be synched with that single device and generate numerous duplicate contacts. Even if you try to delete the duplicate contacts manually from your phone, you will end up with a wasted effort as they will appear again and again as your device gets synched with your email IDs.
Google introduced Google contact Preview on Android Lollipop (5.0) to deal with duplicate contacts and delete them forever. But, in case, you are not the latest Android user, you can still do it from the web version of Google Contact Preview.
Visit to Google Contact Preview page and sign-in with your Google account. It should notify about your duplicate contacts right after you log-in.
However, if it does not show any message, you can find the option from the left side of the page.
Click on “View duplicates”. Once clicked, all the duplicate contacts will be listed there. You can either merge them at once (Press “Marge All” button) or one-by-one (Press the individual “Merge” button for each duplicate contact).
Editor’s Note
Duplicate contacts are one of the major issues for those who have long contact lists. It would be better if you take care of your contacts from the starting. Group your contacts based on family, profession, friends etc. In this way you can categorize your contacts under one roof.
The above apps and tricks are quite handy to deal with duplicate contacts in Android. If you are using any other device like iPhone or iPad which uses iOS, you can get similar apps from the iTunes gallery. Let us know how do you manage your contacts?


  1. For me, I often using Apowersoft Phone Manager to manage my contacts. With this tool, you can add, delete contacts. You can categorize all the contacts into different folders.


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