Automatically Backup Instagram Photos To Dropbox

    Instagram recently(a month or two) launched its Android App thus bringing this awesome photo sharing application to Android users too, simply widening the scope. Instagram for Android is just a replica of the Instagram for iOS. Lets get back to the point, how you can automatically backup Instagram’s photos to Dropbox or any other online cloud storage services which ifttt supports, but Dropbox being the famous of all, we will restrict this tutorial to Dropbox only.
    Though we have shared one method using which you can download and backup your instagram photos to your local disk, but what if we could program the job and enjoy the automatic backup being created to Dropbox as soon as you capture photos using Instagram application. So lets get started to set our tasks to automation.


    • Are you on if not, please create one account there.
    • Am I dealing with Dropbox savvy users?

    Well, that’s all what we need to backup Instagram photos to Dropbox.

    How to set ifttt to Backup Instagram Photos To Dropbox automatically

    I’m assuming that you’ve signed up with by now.

    Bridge the Gap Between Instagram and Dropbox

    • So login to your account. Ifttt is a web service, that allows users to connect few social media accounts and set related tasks to automation. It’s like programming tasks. For example, in past we have covered one such automation trick to backup Facebook photos to Dropbox using this service only.
    • Once you are there on the ifttt dashboard, activate the two services, I’m talking about Instagram and Dropbox, for the smooth functioning of the task we are about to set for automation.
    • Let ifttt access your data on the two accounts, Instagram and Dropbox, grant the access and activate the two accounts.

    click on recipes ifttt

    • Now click on the recipes, and select the one that list the two services(Instagram and Dropbox together). Program the action, that is, set the file(photo) URL to be picked up from Instagram, so that it can be stored on Dropbox and hit enter. It’s easy.

    automation instagram and dropbox set

    • Now every photo you shared on Instagram will be automatically downloaded and backed up to Dropbox. Please note that, using this automation scheme, you can only send 30MB of data files at a time.

    program the action

    • Didn’t like the automation? You can stop it anytime by clicking on power button beside the task. You can drop the task too.

    recipe buttons ifttt

    • So that’s how you can setup the automation to backup Instagram photos to Dropbox.

    Something Similar :- Transfer Photos From One Social Network To Another With Pipe, but that doesn’t allow automation.
    Thanks for sticking to the tutorial; it’s easy, isn’t it? If you are facing any problem, please bring it to our notice, we will be happy to assist you.


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