Automatically Backup Facebook Photos to Dropbox

The day when I started using Facebook, thought it was just for exchanging status updates with the Facebook friends, keeping touch with family and listening what the geeks say. But, over the time, Facebook has included many evolutionary features, apps etc. ( Facebook is blocked? – Don’t worry!! Here is the tutorial to Get on Facebook when blocked.)
The latest Facebook version has a great ability to deal with photos. The Facebook notification is always active to make sure that you never miss the information that any of your friends has tagged you in a photo. Whenever they tag you, you get a notification of that. Isn’t it great?
Well! It is very natural that you’re usually tagged in photos by your friends whom you know bit closely and get the notifications at your Facebook account as well as in your email inbox. This is good that you get the notification, open the photo link and found some interesting thing with photo where you have been tagged. You might want to keep a backup of the tagged photo.
But, here is a different scenario that I am going to discuss about. Say, you’re opening your Facebook account after a couple of days and found a notification message saying that some of your childhood friend has tagged you into his photo. You would be excited and want too instantly view that photo. But what, if you found that the photo has been removed? You would be upset thinking that you have missed some of your past memories with your friends.
Well, this advanced age of technology have a solution of almost every problem that people face in their internet life and this issue is not an exception. You can automatically backup that Facebook photo where you are tagged in to your Dropbox account. Here is how to do that.

Backup Facebook Photos to Dropbox

There is a nice online application Ifttt that takes care all of the tagged photo of yourself and sends them at a dedicated folder of your Dropbox.
How does it work?
This web site supplies the application to create a trigger for any particular action. For example, you  can create trigger to download the images to Dropbox whenever they are uploaded at your Facebook account. In this case, this service allows to create a trigger for your tagged in photos; i.e whenever somebody tags you in his photo, the trigger will be shoted and the result is that the photo will be downloaded at your Dropbox folder.

How to create the trigger for your Facebook Photos

1. All you’ve to do first is registering with the service from their home page.
2. A confirmation mail will be sent at your email account. Click the link to activate your account.
3. Once done and signed in, you will see various recipes to create various trigger.
4. To create the trigger for the tagged in Facebook photos and set the action for downloading them at your Dropbox click this recipe link which will take at the exact recipe for you.

5. Click on the “Activate” button to connect your Facebook account. Put the Facebook account credentials and allow the access of your account. Do the same for your Dropbox account.

Initially, this app will specify a unique path to your Dropbox account as the download location, you can change it any time though.
That’s it. Next time whenever a Facebook friend of you tags you in his photo(s), the photo(s) will be backed up at your Dropbox folder. Now you can decide to save them automatically at your local devices using the Dropbox sync feature.
Any day, if you decide not to stay with this app, you can deactivate the channels from your Ifttt dashboard. Here is how to do that.
1. Click on the option “Channels” from the top-right corner of the page.

2. It will list all the channels having in this service available. The active channels are highlighted.

3. Click on the channel Facebook and click the “Deactivate link”.

Do the same for the Dropbox channel. Now both of your Facebook and Dropbox accounts are not activated with this service. You can also revoke the access of this app from your Facebook account.
Also learn how to avoid photo tagging in Facebook.
Give Ifttt a try and let us know about your experience.



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