Auto Refresh Twitter Page for New Tweets

If you spend a quite amount of time in Twitter staying busy with retweeting, writing Twitter posts or sending direct messages etc. you would not like to click the X New Tweets link in your Twitter Timeline. Many of us do not like moving our mouse to read the new Twitter posts from the followed persons when busy with other workarounds. But Twitter Timeline has not have such an auto refresh feature. As a result, you are to click each time on a link saying the number of new tweets if you want to read them.
There is a cool option to enable the auto refresh method in Twitter page and hence increase your productivity. It means that you won’t have to click on the Timeline bar each time. The auto refresh option will refresh the Twitter page after a specific time for new posts so that they appear automatically. You can enable this auto refresh option for the Twitter site by installing the extension in the popular browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.

Auto Refresh Twitter Page for New Tweets in Firefox

Reload Every is a Firefox extension which allows you to auto refresh any webpage after a specified interval. You can enable the option and set the interval by right-clicking on the page and then selecting “Reload Every > The time”.
Auto Refresh Twitter Page for New Tweets in Firefox
To enable the auto refresh option for your Twitter page, just right-click on the page, enable it and specify the time of refreshing the page.
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There is another script from Greasemonkey, titled asĀ  Twitter auto-refresh for Firefox. This script refreshes Twitter homepage automatically in every X seconds. The advanced feature of this script is that it postpones the refreshing event if user is typing something after an update. Install Twitter auto-refresh script into your Firefox browser.

Auto Refresh Twitter Page for New Tweets in Google Chrome

Twitter Refresh is a Chrome extension which uses the native new tweets feature of It refreshes the Twitter page automatically after an interval. Just install that extension from the above link and everything will be done automatically.
Opera has the same feature inbuilt by default as the Firefox extension Reload Every. So you won’t need to do anything yourself. Just open the Opera and enjoy Twitter auto-refresh.
Let us know if you like to enable the auto refresh feature in your Twitter page.


  1. I thought I was getting tricked. I use Firefox so this is what I did. Tools>Add-ons (Control+Shift+A)and search Reload Every. I then installed the extension on the list called ReloadEvery 4.0.3. I was looking for a way to stop Twitter from refreshing the page automatically more than I wanted. I’ve now set it to 15 minutes.

  2. Is there any way to enable the addon when firefox starts up instead of having to right click and enable it manually every time?


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