Popular Android VPN Apps to Maintain Internet Security

We use the internet and rely on it for payment transactions, banking transactions, etc. because of the presence of highly secured payment gateways used by several websites today. With Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology, we can get additional layer of security and maintain data privacy while surfing the web even with WiFi network connections. With some of the top VPN apps for Android devices, we can ensure this web access security is achieved ever so easily.
Not everyone can have an easy access to VPN software and so the VPN apps for Android users can indeed be a real blessing. One can also access region-based blocked content using Android VPN apps. In this article, we shall go through the features of popular Android VPN apps, their download links and tips to use them for internet security. Now, you need not worry about how to connect your VPN on Android and similar queries with these apps.
HotSpot Shield VPN Proxy
This is one of the most famous free Android VPN app that is trusted all across the globe. With its smart protection feature, you can automatically enable optimal protection depending on network security level without manual intervention (each time). With this app, you can choose to unblock the sites or apps that you want to access without any issues.
Hotspot Shield VPN app
Through banking-level HTTPS encryption feature, it is possible to keep your Wi-Fi network connection secured as well. It is possible to mask your IP address in order to surf the internet anonymously. This app makes it extremely difficult for hackers to get any access to your private data on the internet. If this was not enough, you also enjoy unlimited VPN bandwidth!
Download HotSpot Shield VPN Proxy Android App from Google Playstore.
SuperVPN Free VPN Client
The Super VPN app for Android is known for providing unlimited bandwidth with unlimited free trial time. You get free trial period of 20 days and after that you get free sessions of 60 minutes each. It enables encryption of your web traffic to safeguard it from tracking by 3rd parties. In this case, no configuration and no settings are required. As expected, you can unblock geographically restricted/limited sites like Facebook, YouTube, Skype, etc. using Super VPN Android Application.
SuperVPN app download
Download Super VPN app from Google Playstore.
SecureLine VPN
This SecureLine VPN is provided by Avast Software who are one of the most popular makers of anti-virus software in the world. The good part about this app is that it allows secured mobile communication even on unsecured WiFi network / spots.
VPN SecureLine app
It provides protection from data theft making use of a virtual encryption shield ‘tunnel’ with IPsec technology in order to secure public WiFi connections. This app offers several in-app purchases with enhanced features.
Download Super VPN app from Google Playstore.
In addition to the above discussed VPN applications for Android devices, we have several free Android VPN apps like Spotflux VPN, Hola free VPN, Hideman VPN, etc. Android users are indeed spoiled for choices with regards to high-utility VPN applications are concerned!


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