How To Access Facebook When it is Blocked in School College Or Office

Did you try to Open Facebook when Blocked in School, College or Office? In most cases, you can’t! This happens because the network admin blocks Facebook behind some firewall thus preventing people from getting access to it. If you are Facebook addicted like me, you must have tried some methods to open Facebook when it is blocked by the administrator. And, I’m sure that you end up with some unsuccessful attempts.
Most of the schools, colleges or offices keep the social networking sites blocked so that the students or employees cannot open it. That is why we receive many emails asking how to access Facebook if blocked.


The common problem you may come across while surfing Facebook at school or workplaces is that the admins block it from entire the network. It is somehow frustrating if you’re fully out of reach from your friends, family or colleagues because you can’t open Facebook when it is blocked by server or due to a blocking firewall from the network administrator of the organization.
Not in the simple way but using some technical tricks you can bypass or cheat the firewall and get on Facebook When it’s blocked. Due to availability of several tutorials to access blocked Facebook, the admins try to include different types of blocking system.
Before we get into the possible ways of breaking the firewall to open Facebook, you must go through some common workarounds with your system.
Here are some tricks by which you can get on Facebook from a fire-walled network. It is impossible to guess about how your network admin as blocked Facebook behind a Firewall. Therefore, we can’t give you any specific solution to get access to Facebook. But, you can try the following methods one by one and check which works for you.

1. Access or Log into Facebook using Google Public/Open servers

The URL that you generally type in the address bar is originally an IP address. Every website has a unique IP address(*). When you browse any website by typing the website URL, your computer tries to match the URL name with its IP address by contacting the DNS server.
DNS server is a computer, registered with the network which keeps the data of all the websites and corresponding IP addresses. So, any one can block the IP address in DNS server to prevent access of a website.
* In a shared server, same IP address is shared by more than one website. But the large and popular websites like Facebook, Orkut etc. do have their own unique IP’s.
Some time the Facebook.Com is blocked at your school or office because the administrator has blocked it from the DNS server. In such a case, you can use different DNS servers like OpenDNS Server or Google Public DNS Server to get on Facebook if it’s been blocked by the admin.
For the Windows user:

  • Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections.
  • Right-click on the connection status icon which you are using to access internet.
  • Now, choose “Properties” and then “Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)”.
  • Put any one of the following values in the DNS Server address:
OpenDNS Server address:,

Open Facebook When it is blocked using Open DNS address

Google DNS Server address:,

Open Facebook When its blocked at School
Make sure that your institution or office is not using the same DNS which you’re going to use. Once you change the DNS Server, you can get into the Facebook.

2. Open Facebook when blocked using IP address

Sometime the computer admin can edit the hosts file to block Facebook. He/she adds the website domain name to the block list in host file. In that case, you can get access to Facebook by the IP address instead of the domain address. Putting the IP address in your browser directly, will bypass the barrier from the host file. You can obtain the IP address by pinging from your computer.
In Windows system, Press Win + R key. It opens the Run command box. Put the following command and hit Enter.

ping -t

This will open a command prompt and it will show the IP address of


Often, chances are that the command prompt is disabled for the current user. In that case, get the Facebook address from this web tool. Once you go to that website, just type at where they ask to put it and click on Get IP.


Once you obtain the IP address, put that in your browser address bar and hit Enter. The Linux and MAC user can use the ping command into the Terminal to get the IP address.

3. Use Shortened URLs to access blocked websites

In many situations, the site URL may be banned for you. In such a case, you can use a shortened URL to bypass the blocking system. You can use some URL shortening services like or to access blocked sites.

4. Access Facebook using Proxy Websites when Blocked by Administrator

Proxy websites can be used to open blocked URLs in your computer. But generally, the proxy websites are also blocked in your school, colleges or office. Therefore this tricks may not sound much. But you can try to find out some unblocked proxy sites.
But there are some drawbacks with proxy web servers. If your network administrators trace your activities and get to know that you are browsing Facebook through the proxy servers, they will block that proxy sites as well as other proxy sites. Apart from that, accessing the log-in page through a third-party website can be dangerous some time.

Create Personal Proxy Server To Unlock Fire-walled Websites and Get on Facebook

Though there is a way to  create your own proxy server so that you can take care of your log-in credentials and browsing data. But it needs your personal web server. If you do not have such a personal server, you may create your own proxy server for free using Google app engine.
Read this tutorial and learn how to use Facebook when it is blocked by server using your own proxy site.
Using a personal proxy server has several advantages. You won’t have to go for any monthly payment system or create any account with the service. As your proxy server has its own unique address, chances are less of getting caught by the network administrators.
Create Your Own Proxy Site using Google App Engine to Open Blocked Facebook and Avoid Third-party Proxy Sites
You can create your own proxy website. What you need to have for this purpose is a web server. By creating your own proxy website at your own server, you can easily unblock any blocked site and get access of it from office, school or college. Follow this video tutorial by Amit Agarwal which will guide you through how to create your own proxy server. Here, you can learn how to use Google App Engine to create a proxy website in case you do not have any personal web server. Just follow the video tutorial to create & run your own proxy by making use of Google App Engine.

Advantages of using Own Proxy Website :-

  1. Chances of getting blocked by your system admin are less as it has a unique id.
  2. You can trust your own server and its configuartions.

5. Open Facebook through Secured Proxy servers

Using a secured-web proxy sites is the easiest and safest way to unblock Facebook if blocked. It safely allows you to browse any website you want. But, not all the secured proxy would work with Facebook as they are not optimized fo it. Among the bunch of the working proxies, I found as the best.
Using this service, you can open any website from anywhere. Like you can open Twitter from Iran or access Facebook in China. The best side of this website is that it won’t ask you to install any application in your computer. It also supports the Facebook chat, photo uploading etc. It is totally secured for you as it uses the HTTPS protocol. But this service is not totally free. It lets you to use their service only for 10 minutes as a free trial. If you are not thinking about the money, you can give it a try as it does not charge too much.
But, if you don’t want to spend your penny just for the Facebook, you can give the following free proxy services a try.


Build own proxy server using Google App to unblock Facebook access alternatively and open it from any place. Because unknown proxies can’t be blocked by system admin.

6. Stay connected with Facebook from your email account

If you still cannot get on Facebook at school, college or office when its blocked, it is better that you can at least know what is happening with your Facebook friends, what they are saying or whether you have any message from your family etc. Go to your Facebook account and set your Facebook account to receive the notification at your email account.
You can do it from Account > Account Settings after logging into your account. Mange the notification preference from the Notification tab.
Facebook allows you to choose which updates do you want to get as notification in your email account. Once you set your account to receive notifications in your email account, you can then check the activities. Log-in to your Facebook account and go to Account > Account Settings.
In the Notification tab, you can manage your notifications preferences. Once you setup, they will be sent to your email id. Whenever you get that message in your inbox, just open it, click on the link which indicates the option to reply the message. You are done!

7. Browse Facebook mobile version through Opera Mini browser

If nothing of the above works for you, try the mobile version of the website to access Facebook if blocked by a network barrier. Facebook has a different web address for the mobile version.
Sometime, the network admins may forget to include the mobile address into the baring system. So if you are lucky, you can browse Facebook with its mobile version.
You can use the Opera Mini browser to open Facebook in fire-walled network through its mobile version. Though the Opera Mini Browser is a mobile browser, it also has a demo version to try the mobile version from the desktop.


You can also type at your desktop browser to visit the Facebook mobile version.


8. Use VPN for a secured access of any website

The best solution to open Facebook if blocked by your network administrator or ISP is using a VPN. By using a VPN, you can get on Facebook as well as other websites you like. I have researched on this and found VPN as the best solution. Give any VPN service a try to access Facebook from anywhere you like.


There may be various reasons for what you can’t open Facebook. The admins can apply various tricks to block Facebook from the network. Therefore, we have added some workarounds that you should try with your system before you play with the above tricks.

9. Check your system host file

The first thing that you need to do for breaking the blocking firewall is double-checking the system host file. The host file can be used to block any website easily.
In Windows, you can find the host file at System drive (C:) > Windows > System32 > Drivers > Etc. Open that file using any text editor. It should look like this:


Check whether the name Facebook.Com is listed there. If yes, delete the entire line containing the word Facebook.
The MAC users can reach to the host file from the terminal. To open terminal, navigate to Applications > Utility > Terminal and type

$ sudo nano /etc/hosts

into the command window. This will open the host file which should look like this:


Look for any suspicious line which contains ‘facebook’. If you find such one, delete immediately and save the file. You can save the changes by pressing the [Command] + [O] key combination.
Once you edit the host file and remove the blocking lines, restart the system and try to open Facebook from your browser address bar.

10. Check for suspicious process at system task manager

If none of the above works for you, look into your system task manager for any suspicious process. Terminate the process which do not have any relation with your system. Rarely, the Facebook denies your system if it is infected with malware or virus.
If the network admin is experienced enough, the above methods may not work and you can’t reach to Facebook. Do you have any other idea to open Facebook when it is blocked by the network admin or ISP? Do share with us.

11. Open and Access Blocked Facebook Website using Ultrasurf Application

There is a Windows application called as Ultrasurf ( which is actually a proxy-based application that allows you unlocking the restricted sites like Facebook, YouTube and more which are blocked in your network. The software is very small in size and does not need any installation. The more helpful feature of this unlocking application is that it is free.
So, if you are a student and need to access Facebook in your school, you don’t need to pay for it. Just use this portable software and get your job done. Another interesting feature is that this tiny application hides your IP address while visiting any site and it also encrypts any personal info to safeguard you from identity theft.
Note: This tutorial was written depending on various experiments and implementations. Some time some methods may or may not work for you.


  1. You can access Facebook, Orkut, Hi5, YouTube , MySpace, Twitter and other social networking sites and gaming sites from school and work using this website : You don’t need to install or download any software. Its fast and simple. Enjoy!

  2. Although, there is a downside.
    1.] Nearly all workplace and offices will monitor your actions. They will record everything you do. So, if you try to mess around with the DNS, then you are in big trouble. Even worse, you are going to get booted! So, my advice is that don’t break the rules.
    2.] College and University will record you for using proxies and many other things. Therefore, you better stay alert and don’t do anything crazy! Breaking the rules will result in a ban or account termination from the admin.

  3. I am not able to set OpenDNS server address because I do not have any privilege to do that as I am just a lab user. Could u tell me how to overcome this problem?

  4. Hi! My system admin has blocked yahoo and FB on my office desktop and I don’t have any access to admin settings. Can you please help me out on this issue? I have tried using the tips mentioned above but no luck.

  5. I have tried all above tricks to access but till now my IE showing a massage “IIS server is blocked for Facebook”. Can any one help me on how to access FB?

  6. Dear,
    None of your suggestions worked for me to unblock Facebook. In my college, all proxy sites are also blocked. Then tell me how can I use the proxy?

  7. The best way to view Facebook at school or work is through email, using an app on your home PC called ControlByMail at, because you don’t have to worry about proxies not working or firewalls to bypass. You can even email exe files (like games) from your home PC to yourself, and control your home PC remotely.

  8. If u wanna access Facebook, Orkut, and many more social networking website in your school or office when its blocked by office or school’s network, just go to and write the url of the website u wanna access. It should be open. But remember that the target language should be English and source language should be else than English (for your ease).

  9. When I logged into my account, I saw this message: “For security reasons your account is temporarily locked”. Then I clicked the continue button. After this, I saw a captcha, then I got this message “To verify that you are the owner of this account, please identify the people tagged in the following photos. If you aren’t sure about a question, please click “Skip”. I clicked on start bottom. It asked about my account Information, I submitted this and after submitting it says “No verification methods are currently available. Please come back later”. I CAN’T ACCESS MY ACCOUNT, PLEASE HELP ME.

  10. Sudeep, I also have the same problem from almost 24 hours and still I cant access my account. Please any one tell me what to do.

  11. OMG! I Cant Get On FB. My School Has Blocked EVERYTHING ! You Can Try oilfight[dot]com And Look At The Top Of the page And Click On Vtunnel. See If Your School Did not Block It . Um… You Can Try “”. That Should Work If They Did not Block It . And That’s All I Know! But I Need HELP . Because I Wanna Get On FACEBOOK And My School BLOCKED Every thing. I Cant Find any Way Around It.

  12. I have tried all of these methods, but unfortunately the school computers at my school are really smart. I just tried Facebook mobile, and it worked! but then I tried to reply to a message, and all of a sudden it was blocked. I had already added Facebook mobile to my favorites, but now I can’t even get on there from my favorites. Every time I find a way to get on Facebook and I succeed, the computer blocks it. So I cant get on that way again. I got on from, but I could only get on from there once. I’m stuck! Please, some one help me!

  13. Hey, guys! There is also a site that can help to access YouTube and Facebook. The website is This is the mobile version but if you don’t mind using that then your all sweet. I hope this helps as this site isn’t blocked at my school.

  14. I think that schools should just keep Facebook open for kids at school but if they did that then nobody would be there to work.

  15. Jared,
    If you’re still going through their switches, you can still be caught. Some ways are easier than others, and sometimes it’s just up to how thorough the net admin wants to be or how much pressure is on them to bring the hammer down.
    Say you change the DNS. OK, well, if the school/office (I will pretend to be them for these examples out of simplicity) has their own domain controller that hosts the OpenDNS, then I would already have a listing of all machines and where they hit the switches. If the machine doesn’t report in to the DNS but is on the domain and on, then I already know something fishy is up.
    I can also run a packet sniffer, which will tell me where the data is going and where it’s being routed to on any of the switches. Since “private browsing” doesn’t encrypt anything but only deletes local content; I can parse through the packets, match the port on the switch that corresponds to your location and verify your log into that station with Active Directory (or it’s equivalents on Unix/Linux boxes). Got you there.
    If you go through an encryption process like a VPN, I may not be able to read the contents of the packets, but I will be able to notice a pattern (especially if this is an “assigned” computer to you), and would be able to install either keystroke recording or screen capture software. Combine that with the evidence I already have (log in logs, security cameras, etc.), and I have all I need to get your privileges revoked or employment terminated.

  16. My Facebook account is temporarily locked. So how can I unlock it? Please somebody help me. Please! Its my request to you!

  17. So my school is extremely stupid. I can easily get past the school blocking, I have all the teacher’s passwords. Unfortunately now when I go onto Facebook, YouTube etc. It doesn’t even have the regular blocking and log in thing. It says ” blocked request; Policy violation.” and I can’t even get on at home anymore. It’s not just the school’s Wi-fi, it’s in everyone’s computer’s and I don’t know how to get around it. HELP!

  18. Light Speed is a pain! It blocks every thing. I cant even get on baby games! Who ever can get Facebook unblocked from light speed is a genius real rap!

  19. I’m trying so many ways in my school to break into the blocked sites through proxy but I can’t do that since they also blocked the power to access the proxy server sites. My PC is using the Ubuntu/Linux and also I need to Know those Windows PC solution but i can’t! Please; if there is any solution!!

  20. Hi all,
    I have an alternate way to access all the blocked sites. For that you all have to change the network setting to “No Proxy” and you can able to use the blocked sites from any browsers.
    1. Go to the settings.
    2. Choose the advanced settings there.
    3. Choose the network settings there.
    4. Enable the “No Proxy” and save the changes.
    In this way, you all can be able to access the blocked websites.
    Thanks & Regards:

  21. Okay, so all of theses sites are blocked by my school. In my other high school, when you wanted to go to Facebook it would say that it couldn’t let you go, but if you put in your log-in information from the school, it would let you go! I think this is all messed up!

  22. It’s messed up! How does it let the teachers go on it but not the students. If we can’t be on it why should teachers, they have to teach not be lazy!!

  23. @Tanisa: Sorry that all the sites are blocked at your school. But don’t put your login information any where without the original site This is a trap to get access of your account. We are working hard on “how to access facebook in School” and will update ASAP.
    But never share your Facebook account details with a third party.

  24. @Tanisa: You are right partially. The teachers are established and they will not loose too much if they are lazy but you are a student and should not waste your study time with surfing Facebook. But considering the emotion and fair use of Facebook, we have found out some tricks for only education purpose. So my request to you that concentrate on your study and use Facebook at your launch break only.

  25. @Tanisa and @Tanmay, I would appreciate both of your discussions. Its necessary to concentrate on studies in school and office during the office and school hours. But some times we need to know the security like things so that we can make ourself comfortable with the system and the related issues that are coming forward. For those person who are interested only in facebook charting and amusement purpose during the office and school hours its a wrong window for them. but on the other hand who are really interested in learning the security like things and wanted to develop their knowledge in security like matter these things may help them out. According to me knowing more and implementing the new things in real life is not a bad thing, rather using the information in a wrong way is bad thing.

  26. I tried to open Facebook.through proxy website. I logged into my account. But only upper options appeared – like home,friends etc. Remaining page doesn’t appear.

  27. Hi Leena,
    I think that may be there is a browser problem with you. Some times we try to access or get some desired result from any site but it shows us the different result that is unexpected. It is only due to the cookies and session that are not been cleared and the browser utilizes the cookies that are recently available in the cache memory. Once you clear the cookies from the browser, I think it will work fine. For clearing the cookies and the session values you need to do only “Ctrl+Shift+Delete” and then press Enter. This will clear the cookie values that are there previously. Do check in the popup window that you are removing the cookies completely from the browser. This may solve your problem. If you get any issues further then you can post a reply or can mail me.
    Thanks & Regards:

  28. Wow!! I was able to visit Facebook via http:/ Thanks dudes, specially Michael! You are a genius man. If you got more thing to make me bend the rules of my college’s internet, send me the information. Thanks.

  29. Guy you told to open control panel first but there is also privacy! That can’t be opened! Do tell me how to open it.

  30. Sir, I have got a china clone of Samsung galaxy mobile, model no-i9220 and it has java and jar games and internet runs , but Facebook, Yahoo messenger, Skype, Twitter applications are locked. I m from India. Please help!!

  31. I can’t able to open Facebook in my office and mostly all tricks I used. So please send me a best trick that I can
    access Facebook.

  32. Tech Admin – You would make a very good Gestapo. Why in the world would somebody want to work for your company anyway? Maybe you should spend some more time upgrading the network to modern standards and less time spying on your fellow employees.

  33. We can also use proxy sites like in order to access Social Networking Sites which are mostly locked in offices, schools etc.

  34. Hi, I am using VPN app called Hotspot-shield – and it works very well. You just install it, run it and access whatever the page is. It bypasses the school or work-place firewall and you can get into wherever you want.

  35. Hi dears,
    Our ISP has blocked all proxies websites and then in our work place it blocked Facebook and YouTube. Can anyone help me to open these, it will be highly appreciated.
    Akbar Hashimi

  36. I need a website for Facebook. The website already has been put on here as blocked by the admin. I am already using DNS software but no luck. How to open FB?

  37. Hi Israel,
    Thank you so much. I can access through “” but I am in need to answer the security question. Unfortunately, I have forgotten the answer for my security question. How to overcome this? Please friends suggest me some idea. After a long struggle I got access to my account but my bad luck is that I can’t open it. Please help me friends.

  38. But I need a PROXY all that VPN,DNS,W+R key all stuff doesn’t work on PUBLIC SCHOOL COMPUTERS! So, a proxy would be nice.Most of the proxy do not even work. So write back with a nice proxy.

  39. This trick does not work if websites are blocked from servers using Softwares like sonic etc. Trying to hack server is a crime one can get expelled from school or college so “don’t break the rules”.

  40. Hey, your post is really working for me. Now I am able to access Facebook while it is blocked in my college. I am really thankful to you for this. Really good stuff here! I would like to read your posts in future. Keep it up.

  41. I had the same problem when I was in China, I bought a VPN account and I could get rid of all those restrictions, I bought it from saturnvpn (you can google it) as it’s really cheap! The support team is also helpful when I need them.
    It has also free test account and you can test the service before you pay for it.

  42. If you need Facebook to share something you’ve found on your friend’s desktop computer, I’d recommend you QREasy – This is a Chrome extension that creates QR code from image, text or URL and then you can take a shot of it with your mobile device and then share to Facebook or any other mobile app.

  43. I tried some proxy sites, they are really good but did anyone also notice the slow connection speed? Is it a browser problem or is something wrong with my computer? Last week I tried http://www[dot]proxybuster[dot]org this seems to work better!

  44. Thanks for sharing this. Now I can make fool my manager and use Facebook in office. Once again thanks a lot for this post.

    • @Eagle Eye: I have already said that all the methods may not work for you. You will have to test each option I stated at the above story.

  45. Hi sir,
    I want open Facebook in my company. Please help me. All the program open but Facebook does not open. I am waiting for your reply.
    Imran from Lebanon Beirut

  46. None of your suggestions worked for me to unblock Facebook. In my college, all proxy sites are also blocked. Then tell me how can I use the proxy?

  47. My employer uses a whitelist, with a warning that bypassing security protocols will result in immediate termination. Facebook just isn’t worth losing this job while I search for a better one.

  48. I was tried all the instructions you but no can give access to enter the blocked site please say any other tips to access the facebook and you tube

  49. please help mee…
    my collage network block all social media sites and other sites like youtube …
    please shere your valuble ideas
    any idea to blocked sites
    help me ……….. please

  50. nothing works now?
    everything must have administrator login, even to access settings, if you can help me add me on facebook so I can get back to you faster ‘ gabby waters ‘ thanks

  51. My schools fucking dumb as hell cuz they blocked our phones from tha wifi n then we have iPads that we use and can’t download anything on them without them knowing immediately plus I can’t get on Facebook t(-_-t)

  52. Okay so, I tried using all the ways you have posted but none have worked.. My school has literally blocked it all so I can’t access Facebook on my chromebook please help!

  53. Okay same problem, it won’t let me access it still. I’e tried VPNs, Proxies, and shortned URLs nothing is working please help

  54. hi
    im using symphony android phone….but from few days i saw that my fb is locked..i used fb in opera mini…but i can’t use fb..when i trying there a bad access ip address notice has come..would u tell me how can i solve this problem

  55. I want to be able to talk to my friends and stuff but cant seem to get it unblocked and i cant download anything on the school device because it will give me trouble! Is there any website that isnt blocked so i can text my friends and family. But there is like no website to see i have tried everyone, i am hoping someone oh here can help me with the problem cuz we are not alloud to download anything because its a school device its an ipad air someone please give me some suggestion

  56. Neither IP nor proxy ll work, if firewall set using key word or being procted by watch gaurd. It’s better to download ultra surf, its free and easy to access

  57. I used to use psiphon 3
    it worked for awhile, then my school found out
    that i had it and blocked it.
    it unblocks EVERYTHING!

    • Thanks a lot Hailey.
      This really worked for me.
      You guys try this too.
      Of all the suggestions around here, Psiphon 3 has successfully tunneled through the blocked websites in my workplace.

    • i use it but i dont use chrome instead i use opera with it u actually have common fuckin scece unlike these dumbassess using proxys and vpn’s like fuck cost ill stick with free i also use web archive ,b4 i could only acess twitter everywhery on this school dell latitude 3189 but now thanks to conjoining opera (app) [no installation] (just download) with psiphon3 i can access any website at school but at home i can only access twitter as social media which sence i know that now i simply keep the desired facebook tab open at school wait till i get home and boom theres my facebook and what ever else i leave open thats non edu related but the ketch is the im a very favoritized student at all 4 schools ive went 2 and the wicked thing about it is all my teachers know about it even the technician that set this all up!!!!! know and im in 10th grade the 1 tool that all users have that the scumbag administrators (not mine) don’t have is the common scence to block google theres billions of websites with plenty of apk’s that they cant block and also hint hint if they wouldnt block google than they damn well would block google’s 100+ proxy’s everyons mentioning google translate well wake the f up america that ain’t the only 1 “give america sence againnnnnnnnnn” christie 2020202020

  58. All of you commenters come across as so entitled. Like it is your right to access Facebook or any other site on someone else’s network. You are a student or an employee, not a customer. It’s not your computer. It’s not your internet connection. Study your class material or do your job. Then go home and get on Facebook. Or use your mobile phone’s data connection if you have one. But stop trying to steal bandwidth meant for educational or business purposes just so you can like a cat meme or something. Sheesh.

    • exactly my dumb as school did too I cant get on anything at all I cannot hack the school website every proxy server and everything I try is not working at all

  59. Hello,
    I am also facing the same problem in my college, not only facebook but youtube is also blocked here. Thank you so much for sharing such useful knowledge with us. Thanks a lot.

    • If your YouTube is blocked just click on the setting for YouTube and there should be a spot that says “restricted” you click on that and when you do just click off.

  60. Great Post. I am a college student and I am facing issues in our wifi. I am not able to access FB at college. So I have tried one of the above listed methods. Its really works. Thank you.

    • the same thing is happening to me my school as literally everything blocked I need someone that knows how to unblock facebook or that knows how to get around the block to tell me how to do it please I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • exactly all of them failed like omg it is so irriating like someone that really knows what there doing please tell me because I go to a private school and all of the website or like blocked

  61. Just pay your phone bill and use your phone like every other normal person there’s too many companies that offer unlimited data for this to be an issue

  62. Same here I can’t login to Fb but I had few sites that I was able to login to Fb now they have blocked them too. Anyway, does anyone know how to get the school wifi password?? I had the password but later they changed it again.
    I have the wifi in my Chromebook, is their anyway I can get wifi password????????

  63. I tried all of these methods and failed can someone that knows what they are doing tell me because im tired of trying all these useless methods if its not going to work then why bother even posting it what since does that make

  64. I tried all the mentioned methods but unfortunately these methods didn’t work. I am working in office as a Web Developer. And I think my office admin is more smart and they have given smart security to the DNS Server. So all the methods were failed.

    • WALAAAAA? Look that one up, moron. Maybe all you losers should be LEARNING at school rather than trying so hard to get on Facebook. It is blocked for a reason. YOU SHOULD BE WORKING! WALAAAAA? What an idiot.
      “Didn’t you go to school, Stupid?”
      “Yes. And I came out the same way.”

  65. I’ve tried possibly everything I’ve could t unblock facebook on my mac from school, and I;ve even tried hacking into terminal, but even when I am successful it still tells me that i cannot use terminal becaUSE of IS support. ugh someone help please! All the websits people have suggested to use to unblock it are BLOCKED! help please.


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