Tech Tips App is a technology blog, looking forward to broaden the mental horizons of technical geeks round the web. Striving hard to quench your technical thirst, we have put our best efforts on the line of exhaust to satisfy your versatile technical vocabulary. Originating right from the Social Networking, continuing to operating system crash down and moving on interesting internet accessibility, we have tried to reach our blogospheric perspective to the general masses.

Tech Tips App provides daily analytics to increase the domain of knowledge for its users. We here are 24×7 ready to answer your questions and clarify your doubts about any technical topic under the sun. Many of our readers have already stood up as self driven individuals regarding Technical Troubleshooting sphere. Apart from quality content and continued commitment from our dedicated team we are seeking of subscriptions to our content from you all.


Q: Which platform do you use for this blog?

A: Tech Tips App runs on self hosted WordPress platform.

Q: Which theme you’re using?

A: We’re using Genesis Framework with self developed child theme.

Q: I liked the design of your blog. Can I get this one for free?

A: We do not distribute our theme. It is made only for Tech Tips App.

Q: Is there any risk of Identity Theft?

A: No! There is no risk of such things. We keep all your information like email id, contact numbers etc. confidential. This is our another promise beside providing great content. Read our Privacy Policy.

Q: I want to read your blog daily from my Feed reader. How can I subscribe to this blog?

A: You can subscribe to techtipsapp from this RSS Feed link. Or, you can get the daily email digests at your inbox by the email subscription.

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