5 Best iOS games of 2012

If you are an iOS user, you must be aware of the amazing applications which are available for you. Also, one cannot forget to mention the awesome games which are available for iPhone users. New and fresh games keep getting added to the already huge variety of games available. The year 2012 has seen the release of a number of great games for iOS users.  Read on to find out the best five games available for iOS users for the year 2012.
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Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds has always been a favorite and now with Angry Birds Space, you will get the same excitement and adventure in a brand new setting. This is a refreshing change for all the Angry Birds fans who were wishing to see something new in the much loved game. Angry Birds Space is certainly among the best iOS games of 2012.

Super Crate Box

Super Crate Box is an exciting crate collecting game. The virtual controls are amazing and the gameplay is very good for ‘pick up and play’ gaming on your cell phones. iOS users should definitely download this game if they haven’t done so till now. This is again a ‘must have’ game for iOS users.

Smash Cops

If you had loved cops and thieves as a kid, you Smash Cops is your game. You are going to love this game for its amazing graphics. The new control method for controlling the cop car is also nothing short of amazing. You will have to ‘push’ the car using you finger to take it in the desired direction. You have 7 mini-games to engage in, smash into cars parked illegally beside the curb and chase felons and criminals all around the city collecting evidence. This game is fun and a great way to put an end to boredom. iPhone users will certainly fall in love with it.

Beat Sneak BanditDuke

Duke Clockface has taken away all the clocks of the world and you and Herbie have to get them back. You will have to move in time to music. The sound as well as graphic design of the game is really amazing. This smart and challenging game has its own special place among the best iOS games in 2012.

Beat Hazard Ultra

This is a perfect game for all the music and arcade lovers. Here you have to ride a spaceship and deal with the bad guys. The best part of the game is that it will dynamically generate each level on the basis of the music you listen to and the bad guys will move and attack in sync to rhythm. When the music gets intense, the game gets harder as well.
All of these games are fun and entertaining. In case you were confused which games to download in your iPhones and iPads, your search ends here. These games are extremely exciting and not very difficult to play (but that does not make them any less adventurous).
Want to create your own game? Here is the link that you must read: How to Create your Own Game.
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