10 Best Android Launcher Apps for Your Smartphone

Most of us own a Smartphone. Do you feel bored to face the same user interface again and again? I know most people will say “yes.” So don’t get bored. The Android OS is blessed with Android Launcher, and you can easily tweak the interface of your Android Smartphone into a high design. This Launcher development is good news to all who are bored of their Smartphone OEM UI and want to experience something new. You can find a large pool of launcher apps on the play store that can completely redefine the way your phone’s UI looks.

The Big problem here is that a broad range of choices causes chaos. So we have listed some best launcher apps which are popular and make the user interface of your Android Phone attractive.

10 Best Android Launcher Apps for Your Android Device

Nova Launcher

Developed by Kerin Barry, Nova Launcher is one of the most downloaded Android launchers worldwide. It has received over 10,000,000 downloads and is increasing rapidly. Tesla Coil Software has released the launcher in two variants. The first one is the freeware version that offers Icon Themes, App Drawer, Backup, and Restore facility, Widgets and much more. If you go for the paid version which is known as Nova Launcher Prime, then you can get some extra features such as Gesture Recognition, Customized Drawers, Hidden Apps, Icon Swipes, Scrollable Effects and a few others.

Nova Launcher is a performance driven app and has a highly customizable home screen. The latest version is 4.3.1, and its size is just 4.44MB, unlike other launchers that take up a huge memory chunk.


Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Previously known as ThumbsUp Labs, now acquired by Yahoo, this is one of the best launcher apps worldwide. The latest version of the Yahoo Launcher automatically organizes your information and applications which let you find your applications quickly. The app size is 13.33MB, but it is worth giving a try. This android launcher has received 5,000,000+ downloads.

Some of the key features include excellent navigation options, organized apps, smart streams, hundreds of wallpapers and themes, good built in search engine, advanced notifications and much more.


Google Now Launcher

Google being all on your phone, has now released one of the best launcher apps for Android mobile phones. Its download size is 14.45MB and has received more than 50,000,000 downloads. Some Android phones come with a pre-installed Google launcher too.

This android launcher helps you to manage your phone with ease and has excellent connectivity to the internet apps. The “OK Google” feature lets you find anything and everything on your mobile phone. If it’s not present in your phone, the search will take you online and get you the results.


APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher is not just a launcher; it has much more to it. With over 100,000,000 downloads worldwide, APUS Launcher provides several features to make your Android phone faster, better and beautiful. Apart from the themes, wallpapers, and a launcher, it provides a battery saving feature that helps to increase your battery life up to 50%.

The APUS Launcher has got 15,000 themes and wallpapers in its app store for you. With APUS Discovery, APUS News and Smart folder features, this launcher remains the most downloaded launcher worldwide. The download size of this app is just 6.24MB.


Arrow Launcher

Arrow is a lightweight, fast and efficient Android launcher. Now, Microsoft Corporation does not like to stay behind. It has also come up with an app launcher which is doing exceptionally good worldwide. The version has been downloaded 1,000,000 times as of now, and the app size is 6.24MB, which is superb.

Arrow is a personal launcher for Android that simplifies your Android experience. The built in memory and battery saving features make it stand out in the market. It includes Bing wallpapers those get updated automatically. It provides a lot of features that are connected to other Microsoft apps. The installed apps get ranked based on your usage with good options for reminders and document management.


Blackberry Launcher

Blackberry has finally arrived in the market with one more product. Yes, the Blackberry has its launcher which gives your Android phone a blackberry feeling. It is a productivity focused launcher that has pop-up widgets and shortcuts just like a perfect blackberry phone. The launcher has swipe functions similar to a blackberry phone.

This launcher is worth giving a try. The recent version comes with a download size of 30.82MB which is quite large but the features those come with it are magnificent. Within such a short time, it has received 1,00,000 downloads. You can create Shortcuts, customize it with Blackberry themes and much more. This app has got some mixed reviews, though.


ZenUI Launcher

ZenUI is Android’s top-notch launcher app with over 10,000,000 downloads. The memory size is 16MB. This application includes free themes and wallpapers that are compatible with most of the Android phones.

The ZEN UI launcher is highly customizable and more personalized. It includes features to create scrollable effects, icons, transitions, fonts, one layer mode, an auto-grouping of apps, search, security and much more. It comes with an inbuilt Hide App and App Lock feature that helps you keep the device secure. The latest version of ZEN UI launcher is The one-layer model is something interesting and out of the box idea in this launcher. You must try it.


Z Beta Launcher

Developed by Nokia, this launcher application has received more than 1,000,000 downloads with a memory size of 9.82MB. The app provides a new and an innovative home screen that gives you a feel of the good old Nokia phones. This launcher is fast and launches any application within a second.

The developers are analyzing the usage patterns and developing the app accordingly. Some of the features are Scribble, Adapt, and Launch. It has received excellent reviews from its user. We may see something more from Nokia soon.


Smart Launcher 3

This launcher comes with two variants: Smart Launcher 3 and Smart Launcher 3 Pro (paid version). Like other launchers, this app also claims to save up to 40% of your battery life. It helps to speed up your phone too. This application has received more than 10,000,000 downloads on Play Store, and it has the least memory size compared to other launchers which are just 3.67MB.

It offers a material design, free themes, quick access bar, categorization, notification panel, integrated lock screen, security, plugins, customizable options and much more. It helps to process your phone faster by saving your RAM memory.


Hola Launcher

The Hola Launcher is a small, lightweight launcher that keeps your phone clean and processes faster. With 100,000,000+ downloads, this app is the most downloaded launcher app on play store.

This app has more than 10,000 elegant HD Icons, Themes and Wallpapers. Apart from this, it has Swipe feature, Clock widget, Hola Shine, Hola Box, built-in search engine, Screen Locker, Smart Folder, Priority Apps, Weather Forecast and so much more.


Final Words

Do you want to customize your phone and give it a sophisticated look? Then go for a Android Launcher and design the user interface of your mobile phone. If you want to see any other Launcher in this list, then comment here.


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    This is a great list of best android launcher. All these launchers seems to be worth a try. I am using nova launcher on my phone and it is working great so far. I will also try some other launcher as mentioned in this list.
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